Following on from the success of the W channel rebrand by Art & Graft, we worked with Ink and Giants to create a new ident that will take the viewers to a continuous journey through a mixture of diverse scenarios each happening in different locations.

The challenge was to explore different techniques to create the ident without having to rely on a live action shoot. Ink and Giants explored a few executional ideas including 3D camera projection mapping and mixing photography with 3D elements. After a couple of rounds of experiments, we eventually decided to push for a hyper/photoreal 3D approach.

This technique gives us the flexibility to develop idents further down the line with the ability to travel anywhere we wish.

Making-of photos by Ink & Giants


Creative Director: Scott Russell
Head of Design: Peter Allinson

A creative collaboration with Ink & Giants.
Lead 3D Designer: Peter Tomaszewicz
3D Designers: Peter Dobes, Dianne Dela Torre-Dobes and Monika Malyjasiak
Effects and Compositing: Dianne Dela Torre-Dobes
Music and Sound Design: UKTV
Producers: Celia Bayne (UKTV), Susanne Freyberg and Peter Dobes
Original concept by Art & Graft

Made by UKTV Creative
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