GOLD wanted to build on the previous years Promax award winning Easter campaign with another egg-shaped caper.

This time an eggy Mrs Brown parachutes into action before the Vicar of Dibley’s Geraldine Granger endures yet another mud bath. Once again, the channel offer comfort viewing for those paralysed by meat sweats and sugar comedowns this Easter.

“I’m cracking up!”


Head of Design, UKTV: Peter Allinson
Creative Manager UKTV: Tom Williams
Producer UKTV: Latoya Collingwoode-William

Creative Animation Studio / Direction: Feed Me Light
Executive Producer: Kiri Haggart
Producer: Jenny Wells
ECD: Denis Bodart
Storyboard Artist / Art Direction: Marc Bouyer
Lead / Production Supervisor : Olivier Pirard
DOP: Anthony Bristol
Focus Puller: Bruno Travers
Runner: Theo
Concepts: Julien Becquer
Character Concepts: Emmanuelle Leleu, Marc Bouyer
Animation: Julien Becquer
3D Generalists: Olivier Pirard
Compositing: Denis Bouyer, Olivier Pirard

Made by UKTV Creative
© UKTV Media Limited