I helped to lead the process of sharpening W’s positioning and refreshing its on-air identity.

The resulting suite of assets embody a down-to-earth and unfiltered feel, that celebrate W’s inspiring programming and real-life moments in all their imperfect and unique glory.

Our logo is a bold W letter-mark, using a suite of brand colours, led by our primary brand colour of burnt sienna.

The rectangle is purposely off-set to create something that’s distinctive, unique and imperfect.

The logo works on its own – but was also developed to be used as a stencil or a framing device to fully embrace our mantra of ‘Life Unfiltered’, allowing us to show imagery and footage behind our logo as a window into real life. 

Creating a simple, unfiltered way of celebrating our content, as well as celebrating real life in all its glory.

Imagery is at the forefront of our brand and should always reflect real life in a diverse, genuine, and authentic way. Candid moments that feel unfiltered rather than staged.

A warm new colour palette that is colourful and vibrant.

A new font family called Heading now which comes in a large variety of weights and type styles to further establish a brand that feels diverse and unique.

And finally, throughout our branded assets we have used real world textures – such as paper, paint and natural wall textures that feel tactile and real.

We aim to fully embrace our mantra of ‘Life Unfiltered’, by creating a set of idents based around our brand promise of ‘Genuine Human Moments’.

We collaborated with a content sourcing agency, to help us find a series of user-generated clips and home videos that capture genuine human moments.

These idents offer authentic moments that celebrate the ups and downs and showcase the diversity of real life in all its glory. We have incorporated key channel themes, including parenthood, home improvements, cooking, relationships, emergency services and health and well-being.

During this process we also worked with an award-winning music composer to create a bespoke melody for the W Channel. Often referred to as sonic branding, this piece of audio is effortlessly incorporated into a set of five bespoke music tracks that are used across our channel assets.

Our on-screen packaging demonstrates how we have implemented our brand assets to create a new look and feel and establish a bold new brand identity.

Our launch campaign included a number of TV commercials & marketing material to help build awareness of our new brand across TV, social media & out of home.

This kicked off with a teaser campaign letting people know that W was going to be Free on TV.

This is Life Unfiltered.

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