(This work is creative development and creative executions that didn’t eventually happen)

UKTV Play is a video on demand service owned by UKTV. The service offers catch-up programming from UKTV’s channels including Dave, Yesterday and Drama.

UKTV Play has been developed over the years to be modular and responsive to user profiles and trends. We were tasked to create and pitch a brand that can shape-shift and adapt in the same way, yet still retain an essence of UKTV Play.

It was an opportunity to truly digitise the brand and create a brand experience that is more usable and in-touch with todays digital environment, and to capitalise on audience habits of catch up and on demand viewing.

Our response was to create a usable, transportable, digital-first brand that can work in harmony with external partnerships as well as our internal network of brands.

This came in the form of a simple but flexible Hexagon logo mark.

An extended UKTV Play palette has been included with a combination of light and exciting tones.

Modern Era is our typeface of choice. It is a robust and flexible type family consisting of 12 styles that allows us to be more expressive in application. A typeface that’s been been designed for use in contemporary print and digital applications.

  • The hexagon shape and the logotype sit together in harmony as one simple, iconic mark.
  • A hexagon consists of 6 sides. Meaning of 6 include: Communication, Balance, Union. The shape of the hexagon is used in beehives… often associated with community, efficiency and working together.
  • A hexagon is a flexible and modular shape that allows us to apply it in many different ways, helping the brand to stay fresh and reactive for years to come.
  • A hexagon is geometric, balanced and simple. This creates the ability to dial the brand up and down to better represent our relationship with channels and partners. It also gives us leverage when talking to external partners as there are more options about how their brands can lock-up to UKTV Play.
  • The symmetrical shape means that it works well as icons and buttons to create a complete branded digital language. The geometric form also allows us to create patterns, grids, transitions and graphics to further elevate the digital experience.

Designed by Peter Allinson and Callum Parish

Made by UKTV Creative
© UKTV Media Limited