Our task was to refresh the UKTV Play brand to create a design language that feels modern and compelling; drawing you into a brilliant mix of TV as unique as you are. Because no-one is just one thing. We’re all a unique combination of things.

We may not be the biggest or the glitziest, but we’re chock full of damn good TV that people will love.

Our current UKTV Play logo was not originally created with digital in mind, and didn’t work well at smaller sizes, so we were tasked to develop a new digital-first logo for UKTV Play.

With the inevitable shift towards more digital-based lifestyles and smaller screen sizes, we want to future proof our brand with a digital-first approach. A scalable logo that works effectively at various app sizes and optimised across all platforms and devices.

UKTV Play is the free on demand TV service for channel brands including Dave, Drama, Yesterday and W, so we also needed to create a design system that allows our new branding to work as an aggregated service for our partner channel brands.

Our new logo forms a circular device – a digital ring – that gives us the ability to unite our brands like never before. Embracing our channel brands as well as any potential brand partnerships in the future.

We have also introduced a new contemporary typeface full of character; a brilliant mix of colours; and a collection of animations and sounds that encapsulate our friendly tone and playful spirit.

All of which come together to offer a brilliant mix, just like you.

Over 130 playful icons were drawn and animated to be used across various product interfaces and various external communications.

New branded on screen packaging (OSP) was developed to play out across our entire network and push towards new content or highlight shows that are trending on UKTV Play.

A launch campaign and series of on-air promos were created to show the new branding and celebrate all the ‘different yous’

Made by UKTV Creative
© UKTV Media Limited

Icon Animations – Buff Motion

Sonic Branding – Molecular Sound