PromaxBDA Europe 2018 SILVER WINNER
Channel logo design across multiple media

The launch of the new branding follows UKTV’s track record for launching successful original shows. In 2016, it committed over £150m to new programming which resulted in more Original shows across the network than ever before.

The new branding really captures the creative process involved in creating our Original productions, from script writing to set design; storyboarding to editing. Basically, the unsung heroes that are often hidden behind the scenes.

Everything was filmed and edited at UKTV’s headquarters in Hammersmith across a two-day shoot.

Being able to bring content like this to life, in-house is truly rewarding. It also enables us to take more risks and do things differently to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Working with the hugely talented Alison Carmichael provided us with an additional opportunity, to create a beautiful and truly bespoke logo. The result is a confident wordmark that feels crafted and authentic, like a stamp of approval or a signature.





Director / Editor: Peter Allinson – UKTV

Head of Design: Peter Allinson – UKTV

Design Producer: Sophie Yeoman – UKTV

Marketing Manager: Emily Latham – UKTV

Producers: Sophie Fox / Deane McDonald – UKTV

Hand Lettering Artist: Alison Carmichael

DOP: Steve Weiser

Art Dept: Chris Williams

Camera Assit: Poe Panayioyou

Sound Design: Dave Connolly

Runner: Bettie Cooper

Made by UKTV Creative
© UKTV Media Limited