UKTV are a regular sponsor of the Edinburgh TV festival, but also a significant investor in British creativity; committed to working with new and established writers, directors and programme-makers.

As a celebration of our new and exclusive content and our ongoing commitment to British creativity; we created a collection of short animations to play before each digital session during the Edinburgh TV Festival. Each one focusing on a specific show. These short stings feature our top talent talking about what it was like to work with UKTV. A graphic style was developed that included hand drawn elements are annotations to give the stings a personal touch; alongside kinetic typography to bring each word vividly to life.

We also created commissioning showreels to screen during the controller sessions at the festival, that continue the graphic style used across the branded talent stings.

These reels are a celebration of our upcoming content and our commitment to creating new and original programming.

Motion Design by Peter Allinson

Edited by Peter Allinson

Made by UKTV Creative
© UKTV Media Limited