This brand spot for UKTV is an animated journey which aims to reflect ‘a lifetime of stories’ through their portfolio of 10 diverse channels.

Produced by UKTV Creative, who worked with London based animation studio, Animade, on the character design, set build and visual treatments to create a hybrid animation with 2D and 3D effects.

It was all built and animated using Cinema 4D and After Effects at Animade’s studio in East London.

UKTV_Network_Character GIFs

Network GIF 01Network GIF 02

Through a development process of style frames and animatics – we crafted a hybrid animation that mixed 2D and 3D visual styles with beautifully rendered environments that appear to be made from watercolour and brush strokes; all to bring a unique tactile and artistic look to the final animation.

We also worked with music composer and sound designer, Dave Connelly (Molecular Sound) to create a bespoke piece of music for the ad.

Audio was critical to the overall effect of the animation. We didn’t want the animation or soundtrack to feel traditional. Instead we wanted something bespoke and unexpected to take viewers on a journey, audibly as well as visually.

Behind the scenes photos at Animade


Written and Directed by: Peter Allinson and Scott Russell
Senior Producer: Celia Bayne
Producer: Cheri Darbon
Head of Design: Peter Allinson
Animation Studio: Animade
Composer: Dave Connolly, Molecular Sound

Made by UKTV Creative
© UKTV Media Limited