Traces is a suspense-filled thriller based on an original idea by best-selling crime writer Val McDermid.
Set in the world of forensic science in Dundee, Scotland, the series explores the world of SIFA (Scottish Institute of Forensic Science & Anatomy) & introduces us to three female characters – who together will use the rigors of forensics to uncover the truth about an unsolved murder case.

The title sequence is told from a fresh point of view – where forensic science takes centre stage.
The dark hues set the tone for a gritty Dundee-based crime thriller; the beautifully sharp – & often sinister – macro photography promises a quality drama full of complex characters & unexpected plot twists.

The edit uses a juxtaposition of wide location shots (of Dundee & forensic laboratories), with extreme close-ups (of evidence & human traces); helping to give the audience clues of what they can expect from the show, without giving away too much of the story.

In order to solve any crime, you must analyse the detail & look closer. Traces that are left behind & pieced together to tell a bigger story.
To follow this analytical approach – subtle elements from the show are referenced throughout the title sequence; inviting the viewer to piece together the details & enter a sinister world of murder, suspense & forensic science.

The soundtrack features a haunting rendition of the classic Nina Simone track “Don’t let me be misunderstood”; with lyrics that seem to come from the murdered victim, and her daughter, desperately searching for the truth and pleading for the investigation not to be misunderstood.

UKTV Creative also created the programme branding and show logo. The Traces logo is a simple, loosely-tracked logo-type with a distressed finish to set the tone for a gritty crime thriller.


Director and Editor: Peter Allinson

Designer: Veer Assi

Executive Producer UKTV: Philippa Collie Cousins

Production Company: RED Productions

Title Track: Nina Simone – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Track performed by: Valerie Broussard

Made by UKTV Creative
© UKTV Media Limited