UKTV Creative were tasked with repositioning Really as the strong and unique channel it is and communicate this through a bold new on-screen presence. To do this we created a new OSP layout with a confident typographic style and developed a colour palette that is as diverse as the stories we tell. These colours formed a duotone effect that is used across the channel’s on screen presentation as a distinctive and constant graphic language. Specific colours are used to hit varying tones of voice and give a gentle nudge towards Really’s key programme genres.

Research carried out by UKTV revealed that Really viewers find real life stories more powerful than fiction and enjoy content that engages through the need for human understanding. Armed with this insight, UKTV Creative has designed a set of new channel idents with the strapline ‘Life on TV’, which tap into this emotional connection and appeal to a broad audience.

“The new idents centre on intimately-shot interviews with real people, who open up and tell their own emotional story to the camera. These complement the new brand strapline ‘Life on TV’. A white frame is also used to frame our content and act as a window into real people and the powerful stories they have to tell.” – Peter Allinson, UKTV’s Head of Design

Really viewers, prompted by on-air navigation, can watch the full-length versions of these intimate interviews online at

“We interviewed a variety of extraordinary people that have a fascinating story to tell. They were all filmed on location on a two-day shoot. The final idents are a moving portrait of each contributor using a single tracking shot. To accentuate their stories, we used a double exposure effect to reveal another layer of their story through footage that plays within their silhouette.” – Peter Allinson, UKTV’s Head of Design



Head of Design / Project lead: Peter Allinson

Senior Designers: Luke Tilly (OSP) and Adam Cutts (Idents)

Senior Producers: Celia Bayne (OSP) and Danny Wimborne (Idents)

Assistant Producer: Sophie Fox

Ident Director: Matt McDermott

Creative Manager: Paul Philpott

Creative Director: Scott Russell

Marketing Lead/Senior Marketing Manager: Natalie House

Onsite Post-Production: The Farm Group

Made by UKTV Creative
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