Hatch exists to solve the digital skills gap and drive positive social change. Connecting aspiring IT professionals with employers seeking the digital skills most in-demand.

I helped to brand Hatch with a fresh new brand and a suite of branded assets.

This included a new logo that represents the future of digital recruitment. With branded assets that include a new font and colour palette that embody a professional, but human brand.

We wanted to develop a brand that felt human and approachable. That pushed away from what you typically expect to see from a digital recruitment business.

An egg shape is a regular motif that runs through the branding. It is used as a confident full stop, but also hidden within the counter of some letterforms.

Hatch doesn’t believe in CVs. They believe in uncovering potential. And matching people with the opportunities that empower them to fulfil their potential. Because whilst experience doesn’t always guarantee skill, the reverse is just as true. We collated a full collection of branded imagery that feel natural and authentic. Showing the human-side behind this digital recruitment business.

Through innovation, Hatch is breaking down barriers into the technology industry, unlocking value in diverse, undiscovered talent, fast-tracking their development for high-demand digital skills, and placing their graduates into exciting new careers across their network. We wanted to create a fresh tone of voice that uses copywriting with humour and relevance around developing talent for the digital world.

Society’s constant exposure to technology today means that talent exists where it’s least expected.

Hatch offer the market an alternative model for success that’s more innovative, more inclusive and more effective than traditional training and recruitment methods. It’s this model that enables them to find talent in the people and places where nobody else is thinking to look.

Developing talent for the digital world.

“Talent develops in quiet places. Our challenge is to find it.”