The Dave channel is an iconic brand and so is it’s comedic tone of voice.

But Dave’s looked the same since 2014 so we wanted to give the brand a little makeover and spruce things up a bit, with a fresh batch of animated icons to be used wherever you can find Dave.

Wether it’s a flapping fish, a broken bicycle, a set of spanners or a clucking cockerel. These silly little icons help to bring a bit of funny to your day, in a way that only Dave can.

A logo lock-up that brings consistency across the Dave brand.

A wide selection of icons were created based on specific categories; as well as a selection of programme-specific icons.

The icon style uses simple pictogram designs for maximum clarity.

A roughen edges texture is used to retain the quirkiness of the Dave brand.

These icons have been designed so that they are scalable for multi platform use.

Icons will be used across on-air, off-air and social assets where applicable.

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