Promax UK 2019 GOLD WINNER
Best 360 Campaign

The DRUM Awards 2019 Highly Commended
Visual Craft

To celebrate the release of Dad’s Army: The Lost Episodes on Gold, UKTV has unveiled a huge 1940s army-recruitment style mural which has been specially designed to look as if it has been in place for decades.

The specially created, time-weathered ‘ghost billboard’ harks back to WW2 propaganda advertising and has been designed to appear as if it has re-emerged after being lost to the ages.

Working with Hearts & Science and Talon Outdoor, the 45ft tall mural installed in Clerkenwell, East London took four artists from street art collective Global Street Art Agency 50 hours to painstakingly create using a combination of emulsion and over 250 cans of spray-paint. The mural was sandblasted to make it looked aged and is the first of its kind to be created by Global Street Art Agency. The artwork, designed by UKTV Creative head of design Peter Allinson, features the new cast from the re-made episodes of the much loved British comedy classic.

It hit the press and national newspapers and made an impact with Dads Army fans across social media.

Even Captain Mainwaring himself tweeted about it!

Dad’s Army: Lost Episodes – 360 Campaign

Promax UK 2019 GOLD WINNER
Best 360 Campaign

Designed by Peter Allinson

Made by UKTV Creative
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