The Drum 2018 OOH Awards GOLD WINNER
Best Use Of Animation

UKTV’s premium entertainment channel W is using disruptive scare tactics to build anticipation for new reality TV show Celebrity Haunted Mansion.


Leading the campaign, and tapping into the public’s fascination with horror, is a spooky billboard designed to unsettle onlookers during the day before morphing into a terrifying animated image and sound display after dark. The spectacular outdoor advertising display was hosted at both Westfield Shopping Centres in Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush on Saturday 17 February, with the transformation at 5.17pm, the exact moment the sun sets.

The transformative billboard featured the hosts of the new show, Christine Lampard and Matt Richardson, who morphed into ghostly Victorian characters after dark. As the sun set, the unique billboard saw Lampard and Richardson’s faces become utterly unrecognisable as they were sucked back in time and possessed by Victorian ghost versions of themselves. Christine Lampard became a ‘black-eyed’ ghost in an image based on a real Victorian portrait as she sat inside the Victorian-built Mansion. A haunting sound shower accompanied the billboard and shoppers took to social media to comment on the arresting creative.

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