Our friends at SFR came to us with a brief to redesign their 6 radio brands. The channels were being changed from DRS 1,2,3 etc to SRF in line with the identity structure we developed for them.

SRF asked us to bring the radio brands together to make a strong family offer, whilst expressing and developing a unique personality for each brand. Our response was to create a strong logo system supported by key visuals that talk to each of the audiences.

• Radio SRF 1 is an everyday companion to a large audience in Switzerland. The friendly glow of the sun reinforces this warmth.
• Radio SRF 2 Kultur provides in depth insight into Swiss and world culture. A distinctive shadow on the numeral two to illustrate brand’s added dimension.
• Radio SRF 3 reflects the here and now of current music. Stylishly black, with an ever changing reflective surface.
• To reinforce SRF’s unrivalled position in news, the branding of Radio SRF 4 News is completely integrated across platform sharing the same visual identity as television, online, apps etc.
• Radio SRF Virus is a ‘new music’ internet only youth brand. The fresh lime green logo is ‘plugged in’ to resonate with their audience.
• Radio SRF Musikwelle is the sound of the homeland & uses a crafted proprietary font expressing the brands melodic folk nature.

Creative Director: Marcus Jones & Matt Penney

Designer: Peter Allinson

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