Michael Bublé – TOUR STOP 148 presents a front row seat to the superstar’s phenomenally successful sold out To Be Loved Tour which concluded in 2015 and was seen globally by over two million fans.

Filmed for the big screen with superb 5.1 surround sound, Michael Bublé – TOUR STOP 148 showcases thrilling live performances intercut with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Team Bublé bringing this moveable feast from arena to arena for two years. But this isn’t just the story of one man on a stage. A continuous narrative between the stellar songs performed by Bublé is the presence and participation of a dedicated team of production people, technicians, roadies, glam squad, wardrobe, security, management, truckers, riggers and an entire “it takes a village” family who – quite literally – keep the Bublé show on the road. Coping with the considerable logistical burden of moving this lavish production from city to city, audience to audience, the Bublé team’s invaluable contribution is given prominent visibility in the film along with the artist and of course the ever present joyous audience of devoted Bublé fans. The end result is a flawlessly executed, perfect show every night. Director Brett Sullivan captures the fascinating and at times emotional insight into what it takes to deliver a tour of this scale and ambition, revealing the personal backstories and close working relationships of Bublé’s committed team. The film had an international release in October, 2016 showcased at Rome Film Festival, with home entertainment release slated for 2017.

Warner Bros Records.

Steam Motion and Sound



Director: Brett Sullivan

Directed by: Brett Sullivan

Produced by: Dione Orrom

Producer: Naomi Stevens

Film Editing by: Marko Keser / David Tregoning

Assistant Director : Dougie Mackie

Sound Department: Sefi Carmel

Art Director: Peter Allinson


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