Billy Elliot – Live has broken cinema box-office records. The live cinema broadcast, which we produced for Working Title Films and Universal Pictures in association with Serpent Productions, was number 1 at the UK Box Office in October and is the highest grossing opening for a live event to date. With Stephen Daldry introducing the performance and the return of 25 former ‘Billys’ adding to the encore, it was a challenging and exciting event to capture. This record-breaking screening was directed by Brett Sullivan. Film produced by Dione Orrom. The TV commercial shows what makes the London production so special.

After the record-breaking live cinema broadcast, Steam produced a final recording of the show for Universal and Working Title, which was used for the Blu-ray and DVD. Commercials were then created for the Home Entertainment release.

Creative Director: Brett Sullivan

Head of Design: Peter Allinson

Animation: Chiara Zonca

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