It’s not every day you get to work with Bette Midler! Earlier in the summer we started storyboarding visual concepts for Bette’s latest studio album ‘It’s The Girls!’. Working closely with Bette and her longtime choreographer Toni Basil, a combination of commercials and promo material were designed using Sixties TV performances as an inspiration. After filming Bette’s performance in New York, post production started in London to begin building the sets and animated dancers. It’s The Girls debuted as Bette’s highest entry ever on Billboard at number 3, and top ten in the UK. Produced for Rhino Records UK and Warner Bros Records US. Directed by Brett Sullivan & Clayton Jacobsen. Choreography by Toni Basil. Animation produced in association with Tigrelab.


Directors: Brett Sullivan & Clayton Jacobsen

Art Director / Head of Design: Peter Allinson

Choreography: Toni Basil

In collaboration with our friends at Tigrelab

© Steam Motion and Sound Ltd