PromaxBDA Europe 2018 GOLD WINNER
Holiday or seasonal programme spot

Our objective was to attract viewers across the Easter holiday period through a unique and engaging creative execution. Our idea this easter was to invite our viewers on an ‘egg hunt’ to seek out and collect all of the comedy classics GOLD has to offer.

We collaborated with Feed Me Light to create a set of beautiful illustrated 3D Easter Eggs and an expertly rendered cardboard world that included recognisable sets from the shows.

The Easter eggs will be collected as the promo progresses until the basket is bursting with the comedy talent we all know and love.

We also created a set of disruptive IPPs that pop up during programmes across the Easter weekend – and once they have been spotted, the viewer is able to enter a competition with the chance of winning a GOLD Easter hamper.

The egg characters will also feature across social media to maximise our campaign reach and get our viewers engaged online.

Head of design UKTV: Peter Allinson
Creative manager UKTV: Tom Williams
Producer UKTV: Latoya Collingwoode-William

Creative Animation Studio: Feed Me Light
Producer: Kiri Haggart

Lead Director: Denis Bodart
Co-Director: Anthony Bristol

Lead / Production Supervisor : Olivier Pirard
Environments Concepts: Benjamin Flouw
Character Concepts: Emmanuelle Leleu
Animation: Benjamin Tron
3D Generalists: Olivier Pirard, Mark Mullan, Denis Bodart
Compositing: Denis Bouyer, Olivier Pirard
Lighting Rendering: Olivier Pirard
Hand Model: Brooke Colman

Made by UKTV Creative
© UKTV Media Limited